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Comfort Chair Company’s Handcrafted American Made Lift Chairs are designed and manufactured in the USA by furniture craftsmen that take pride in every detail.  Comfort Chair Company Lift Chairs are designed for those who value comfort, safety, and durability above all else.

Located in the Jefferson Wisconsin, Comfort Chair Company utilizes a highly trained furniture manufacturing labor force with exceptional expertise to produce high quality lift chairs and recliners at a fair price.

We believe you deserve the best, an American Made Lift Chair produced by craftsmen that take pride in every detail. Please look through our website to view our product showcase of 3 Position, Wall Saver, and Sleeper Lift Chairs.

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Crafted for Comfort and Durability

At Comfort Chair Company we start with the highest quality, reinforced steel lift and recliner mechanisms.  Coupling the steel mechanism with our highly durable hardwood chair frames provides an internal structure of strength and dependability.  After adding our exceptionally supportive, high resiliency foam we hand cut and sew the quality fabric of your choice to complete your lift chair or recliner. All of our steel mechanisms come with a lifetime warranty that protect your chair against manufacturer’s defect.

Comfort Chair Company Lift Chairs and Recliners are made to order.  We take pride in hand crafting every lift chair for an individual customer.  Take comfort knowing that chair you order has been built specifically for you.

Comfort Chair 350

Maintaining Independence

Comfort 625 Lift Chair

If you or a loved one are like the countless of other Americans who struggle with mobility issues or have trouble maintaining autonomy due to diminishing leg strength or chronic pain, you may benefit from the addition of a Comfort Chair Company Lift Chair.  Our lift chairs help individuals maintain independent mobility by assisting with a sitting and standing motion that can cause pain and discomfort for many while being dangerous for others.  Our whisper quiet lift motors provide effortless stand/sit assistance with the simple touch of a button.

Relaxation and Sleep

Comfort Chair Company Lift Chairs are designed to complement existing living room or bedroom furnishings.  Whether being used as a side chair, your favorite chair for watching TV, or for a night of relaxing sleep our lift chairs will provide the comfort, support, and dependability that you can expect from a handcrafted American made lift chair.

Comfort Lift Sleeper

Choose from our selection of three position lift chairs, wall saver lift chairs, and sleeper lift chairs | Handcrafted with pride in the USA!

Comfort Chair 350

3 Position

The Comfort 350 3 Position Lift Chair features a biscuit pillow back, offering exceptional Value, Comfort, Support and Quality.

The Comfort 625 3 Position Lift Chair features a soft biscuit pillow back and softer seats with high quality foam, well padded arms, engineered wood frames, superior fasteners, rolled-edge upholstery, premium stitching and removable backs.

Comfort Chair Wall Saver

Zero Wall (Wall Saver)

The Comfort Zero Wall (Wall Saver) Lift Chair can be placed just four inches from a wall.
This lift chair glides forward to fully recline. The motion of the chair brings the ottoman (foot rest) up to your feet before it reclines, allowing you to sit with your feet elevated comfortably.

Comfort Chair Sleeper Lift


The Infinite Sleeper Lift Chair offers a softer seat with high quality foam, well padded arms, engineered wood frame, superior fasteners, rolled-edge upholstery, premium stitching and a removable back.

The ottoman and back can be controlled independently on the infinite position lift chair, giving you the ultimate in comfort – whether you are watching TV, reading or asleep for the night.

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