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Comfort Chair Infinite Sleeper

775 Infinite Sleeper

The 775 Infinite Sleeper Lift Chair offers a softer seat with high quality foam, well padded arms, engineered wood frame, superior fasteners, rolled-edge upholstery, premium stitching and a removable back.

The ottoman and back can be controlled independently on the infinite position lift chair, giving you the ultimate in comfort – whether you are watching TV, reading or asleep for the night.

This lift chair glides forward to fully recline. The motion of the chair brings the ottoman (foot rest) up to your feet before it reclines, allowing you to sit with you feet elevated comfortably.

The Infinite Position Sleeper Lift Chair features a dual-motor system that can be positioned in the Trendelenberg (feet above the heart) position. The movement of this Infinite model requires 18 inches clearance from the wall.